Meet the team at KT Virtual Assistants

We realise we never properly did an introduction post when we started this blog. The blog is done by a mother son team who have lots of experience in the services we offer.

When we started this blog a few years back we did not know much about blogging but have learn’t more about it along the way. We have not always been able to post as much as we like but we are challenging ourselves to get better and be more active.

Here is a little bit more about us :

My name is Kerry Mackenzie and I am the mother and i am a single mom to a twenty year old boy who loves to cook.I love singing, eating, taking pictures, movies and walking. I love looking for specials and learning about Social Media. I have become a Youtube addict and is often referred to as Miss Bossy in the blogs and I have a full time job.

Tristan Mackenzie is my son and he is currently studying hospitality management and next year he will be studying to be a chef. He loves to cook and come up with new recipes. He loves watching movies mostly action, cooking, music,soccer,rugby,walking and Church.

We both live in Johannesburg South Africa and have lived here all our lives.

This is us and this is our journey so follow us as we take you through it. We have a lot of exciting posts coming up.



Our Services

We are new to being a virtual assistant but have mastered please e-mail us the below tasks if ou are looking for the following services flr your business

Our current rates

In terms of rates we currently charge the following:

Blog Post: R3000 ( incl 2 social shares)

Facebook Post: R1500


Twitter Post: R500

1 Month Banner Advert:R3000

3 Month Banner advert: R8000

Sponsored blog post + 1 month advert + 2 Social Media shares: R6000

Typing of C.V’s : R100

I am open to negotiating other packages should you wish to take 3 or more of these options for 1 campaign.

For more information or for a quote please e-mail us at to arrange a meeting or request a quote.


We love being invited to events and try to make an effort to attend all events. We are invited too as long as they will be interesting to me and or my readers.. If we do attend a blog post will be at our discretion and a blog post is not guaranteed- this is mostly determined by how interesting it will be for our readers.
Place Reviews

We are open to visiting restaurants, spas, hotels and guesthouses ideally in Jo’burg area ( unless flights are covered in which case we will go anywhere). Please note a review on our blog will be honest, unbiased on based on our personal experience. Please note that free services will never compromise our coverage. We will always disclose that we were invited to enjoy the experience as a guest and did not pay for it.

Product Reviews

We are more than happy to test products for ourselves, our home and our family. We do, do product reviews on our blog,YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook and twitter. We will keep all review products that are sent to us. Reviews will take up to two weeks to appear on the website to allow for use, photograph and write up about the product. Reviews will be shared via our social media channels.

Job Hunting

I have been going for interviews as my current position is being made redundant and let me tell it has been really hard. What has happened to the normal questions of tell me about yourself or what are you strengths and weaknesses. I understand that in our country there are not many jobs and there 1000 of candidates for companies to choose from but the interview I went for did not really ask me any questions. They even seemed annoyed at me. I was on time for the interview, I asked her questions and I was qualified for the Job.

I read somewhere on Facebook by a recruitment agent that they find it annoying when a candidate applies for a job and then when they phone them there phones are off. My current Job I am not allowed to be on my phone. It does not mean I am not interested in the position, It means that I am abiding by the contract that I signed even though the company is retrenching me I teach English online and if they phone when I am teaching, I can not stop the class to answer my phone. It is bad manners.

It also frustrates me that because I am over weight potential employers presume that I might be lazy. No I am far from it. In fact my current employers would beg to differ.

I won’t lie but looking for a job in our current South African economy is beyond tough and the interviews I have been going for are even tougher.

I really hope and pray that with our new president that things improve urgently.

Why I joined Steemit and has it met my expectations?.

Why I joined Steemit and has it met your expections?.

I first heard about steemit from a youtube video I had saved offline.

My son and I are complete YouTube addicts we love watching YouTube and in fact we have over 700 videos saved offline and that is after we deleted 300. I was on YouTube looking for ways to make extra money. I searched on YouTube How South Africans can make money online?. I quickly saved a whole lot of videos offline to watch later when I had time and one of those videos happened to be about Steemit. I eventually watched the video that caught my attention and it was all about steemit and how you can make money by posting and commenting. I thought about it for a long while and then I watched another video by another vlogger on YouTube who mentioned he had made a lot of money on his first post on Steemit. The thing that stood out for me was the comment he made “it is not a scam, how could it be as you do not have to pay any money to join.You just post and start earning”. I thought this was so true. I decided then and there to signup which I did.

My son and I also have various blogs and so I thought why not share there posts on here and do some other posts and see how they do. My son and I both love taking photos and doing videos and my son loves to cook and I love to eat. We both would love to be able to travel and I have traveled.

What I like about steemit is when someone upvotes, resteems or leaves a positive comment on your post, you get that awesome feeling of wow somebody actually liked something I did. I mean look at me. It is an awesome Self Esteem booster. I have also found easier to get followers on steemit. We plan on improving our posts adding videos when we have the right equipment, posting more pics and even better pics and lots more awesome posts.

Has Steemit met my expectations I would say yes it has and more. I have not yet made money but I know that will come with time and until then I will enjoy posting and reading and looking at other peoples posts as well as upvoting and commenting.

So follow me, upvote , comment and I will do the same back to you.

Another great work at home oppportunity

If you are looking for a way to be able to work from home then try teaching English online.

They are so many companies that are looking for Tutors. All you need is a computer, headset and stable WiFi.

I currently teach English online through TutorABC and it is the easiest job ever. I teach Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese people how to speak English. It is a job anyone e who is fluent in English can do even us South Africans.

If you have the facilities and are very friendly then you can do it full time or part time.

Get paid to blog, comment and post – New work from home job opportunity

My son and I have recently come across this awesome way to make money online and it is called Steemit.

What is Steemit?.

Steemit is an online social media platform where you can make money by blogging, commenting and upvoting people posts and No it is not a Scam.

My son and I first heard about steemit on YouTube as I was looking for ways to make money online.  I then decided to do my research and found people are making thousands of dollars on this website while some don’t make as much but hey it costs nothing to join. I immediately signed up and started posting.

How do you get paid?.

So every time you post, comment or somebody upvotes your post or you upvote your post you get a certain amount which you get paid out every eight days. You can then convert it to steel, steel power or to dollars which you can cashout and convert to your currency.

The nice thing about it as that you can still blog on WordPress and still do your normal blogging but you can also do like I do and post those posts, pictures or videos on steemit and start making some money.

The other nice thing about steemit is it is easy to get followers and everyone helps each other out. I have not been on steemit for even a month and I almost have 100 followers.

Do yourself a favor look into it, do your research and signup. When you signup follow me on kerrymack and upvote my posts. I will do the same for you.