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Sadly we left Thanksgiving planning a little bit late this year as it is not something we celebrate in South Africa. Unfortunately we did not cook anything but we did sing a song. Please check out our video below. We are thanful for all our followers and viewers and we hope you had an amazing thanksgiving.

Why I joined Steemit and has it met my expectations?.

Why I joined Steemit and has it met your expections?.

I first heard about steemit from a youtube video I had saved offline.

My son and I are complete YouTube addicts we love watching YouTube and in fact we have over 700 videos saved offline and that is after we deleted 300. I was on YouTube looking for ways to make extra money. I searched on YouTube How South Africans can make money online?. I quickly saved a whole lot of videos offline to watch later when I had time and one of those videos happened to be about Steemit. I eventually watched the video that caught my attention and it was all about steemit and how you can make money by posting and commenting. I thought about it for a long while and then I watched another video by another vlogger on YouTube who mentioned he had made a lot of money on his first post on Steemit. The thing that stood out for me was the comment he made “it is not a scam, how could it be as you do not have to pay any money to join.You just post and start earning”. I thought this was so true. I decided then and there to signup which I did.

My son and I also have various blogs and so I thought why not share there posts on here and do some other posts and see how they do. My son and I both love taking photos and doing videos and my son loves to cook and I love to eat. We both would love to be able to travel and I have traveled.

What I like about steemit is when someone upvotes, resteems or leaves a positive comment on your post, you get that awesome feeling of wow somebody actually liked something I did. I mean look at me. It is an awesome Self Esteem booster. I have also found easier to get followers on steemit. We plan on improving our posts adding videos when we have the right equipment, posting more pics and even better pics and lots more awesome posts.

Has Steemit met my expectations I would say yes it has and more. I have not yet made money but I know that will come with time and until then I will enjoy posting and reading and looking at other peoples posts as well as upvoting and commenting.

So follow me, upvote , comment and I will do the same back to you.

Another great work at home oppportunity

If you are looking for a way to be able to work from home then try teaching English online.

They are so many companies that are looking for Tutors. All you need is a computer, headset and stable WiFi.

I currently teach English online through TutorABC and it is the easiest job ever. I teach Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese people how to speak English. It is a job anyone e who is fluent in English can do even us South Africans.

If you have the facilities and are very friendly then you can do it full time or part time.

Get paid to blog, comment and post – New work from home job opportunity

My son and I have recently come across this awesome way to make money online and it is called Steemit.

What is Steemit?.

Steemit is an online social media platform where you can make money by blogging, commenting and upvoting people posts and No it is not a Scam.

My son and I first heard about steemit on YouTube as I was looking for ways to make money online.  I then decided to do my research and found people are making thousands of dollars on this website while some don’t make as much but hey it costs nothing to join. I immediately signed up and started posting.

How do you get paid?.

So every time you post, comment or somebody upvotes your post or you upvote your post you get a certain amount which you get paid out every eight days. You can then convert it to steel, steel power or to dollars which you can cashout and convert to your currency.

The nice thing about it as that you can still blog on WordPress and still do your normal blogging but you can also do like I do and post those posts, pictures or videos on steemit and start making some money.

The other nice thing about steemit is it is easy to get followers and everyone helps each other out. I have not been on steemit for even a month and I almost have 100 followers.

Do yourself a favor look into it, do your research and signup. When you signup follow me on kerrymack and upvote my posts. I will do the same for you.

How to Make some extra Money

How to make some extra money in this day and age.

In this day and age everyone could do with making a bit of extra money especially here in South Africa where I country was downgraded to Junk Status thanks to our president. So of course being a single mom I decided to do a bit of research on mobile applications that help to make money. The one app I came across that both my son and I use is Field Agent. It is free to download and to register.

They work on Microjobs. You might have to give feedback on a take away store or go into a store abd take pictures of a product on display.

All you need is Android phone, Data and Location on your phone and your are set. 

They are legitimate and as long as you do the job properly they will pay you out.When you want to cash out your money you go to the Cash out option and put on your banking details. They take two to three days to process it and then your money is in. If there is a problem and you Dont receive your money. Once you have alerted them about the problem they fix it.

The only drawback is if you Dont have data and want to log in on another device to get your money you can’t. They Dont allow it.We had a problem where my son needed to draw out his money and he had no data. He logged into Hus account ony phone and they would not let him cash it out.

You want be able to quite your job on this app but you can make a little bit if extra money. We call it Money for Jam.

This is to show what the app looks like.

What do you do to make extra money?.

Please leave your feedback below.

For more blogs like this please follow us.We are always looking for ways to make extra money. If you have a product for us to review let us know.

We are not being paid for this mobile application review.